Ceiling Medallions and Domes


Decorative ceiling medallions and domes can provide a dramatic and distinctive accent to any room. Medallions draw the eye upward, giving a ceiling the illusion of great height. Whether the room is traditional or avant-garde, a ceiling medallion will provide a truly uplifting element. Medallions can take the form of rosettes or domes. 

API 's main supplier of medallions is Spectis Moulders Incorporated. Spectis provides ceiling medallions and domes in a huge variety of styles, and specializes in custom building. Spectis is the best choice for historical reproduction and large profile jobs. 

API also works with ChemCrest, Century and Focal Point to assist you in finding the perfect medallions for your architectural products. ChemCrest and Century carry a huge selection of unique profiles, while Focal Point is a leading provider of architectural moulding and elements. 
API has many resources when it comes to finding the right product for you. 

For assistance with finding the right medallions for your project, please contact us.

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